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This is a companion site to the #CSAQT Twitter chat.

The CSAQT twitter chat is designed to be a place where people can engage with others to both receive and provide peer support.

The chat is open to all, survivors of childhood abuse as well as professionals and supporters.

The chat is an open twitter chat where people can participate by adding the hash tag #CSAQT to your tweets.

We also welcome people who do not feel able to join in the chat to follow the conversations.

Mondays 8-9pm(UK)

 (Child Sex Abuse Question Time) #csaqt

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Intrusive Thoughts, Voices & self talk. How we deal with it - 5/2

On Monday 5th of February our chat will be about intrusive thoughts and self talk.

Sometimes thoughts, often very negative, seem to take over our mind, out of nowhere.

We may even hear voices telling us to do things or talking us down.

And the ever present spectre of our self talk.

How do we manage these things? What can we do to make them a little less intrusive? How do we take back control of our thoughts?

Extreme Emotions, Emotional Storms - 12/2

On Monday 12th of February our chat will be about Extreme Emotions and Emotional Storms.

Sometimes, and often out of nowhere the emotions we have suppressed and hidden for many years just force their way to the surface and take over.

This can leave us almost totally unable to pull our selves back from the emotions taking over our mind.

Where do these emotions come from? How can we manage them when they arise?

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If you are a survivor or supporting a survivor there are resources that can help you:

If you need urgent support

If you are in the UK you can reach out to the Samaritans by calling them on

116 123 in the UK or
116 123 (ROI)
You can also email the Samaritans at Jo@Samaritans.org

If you’re in the US you can reach out to RAINN at 1.800.656.HOPE



  • Providing a range of services which offer direct support to survivors
  • Ensuring that survivors know where they can go for help
  • Spreading best practice in the support of survivors among those who they may approach for help
  • Working with others to increase the provision and effectiveness of support for survivors
  • Standing up for survivors and representing their interests among those who are in a position to help improve their lives



CIS’ters – surviving rape & sexual abuse


We provide emotional support for females aged 18+ who (as children/teens) were raped/sexually abused/exploited by a member of their immediate and/or extended family. We offer female survivors the opportunity to explore painful issues and their associated anxieties in a confidential environment.

This survivor Sue Crocombe has found them invaluable.

Pandora's Project

Pandora’s Project offers peer support to anyone who has been a victim of rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse through our online support group, Pandora’s Aquarium.
We believe that connecting with other rape and sexual abuse survivors is an important part of healing. Our online support group includes a message board, chat room, and blogs.
It is free to join and is safely moderated by a diverse group of survivors.

What We Offer

Pandora’s Project offers a message board and chat room, free lending library, and numerous articles and resources. We welcome all survivors of sexual violence.
If you’ve been a victim of stranger rape, acquaintance or date rape, molestation, incest, childhood sexual abuse, partner or marital rape, gang rape, or any other type of sexual assault, you are welcome here as you recover and reclaim your life.

Other Twitter Chats

No More Shame

which is on Mondays in USA and Tuesday morning 2-3am in U.K.

Sex Abuse Chat


is every Tuesday, 6pm pst/9pm est or 2am Wednesdays in U.K. with @RachelintheOC and @BobbiLParish

Links to the hosts other web sites

Elaine Hook Education Consultancy

Elaine Hook’s Personal Blog

Karen Pollock: Counselling in Northumberland

Sue’s Blog

Steven’s Blog (Mental Heath & Surviving Childhood Abuse)

Athena Moberg’s Blog



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